For over 30 years DAKEL’s specialty has been making decorative gates, fences, railings, gratings and other pieces of similar furniture. We have a pattern shop (with over 100 proprietary patterns) and a design studio. We offer comprehensive services of designing, making and installing our products. Our designs are mostly individual, adjusted to the character of the building and the surrounding architecture. Our products are covered by warranties.

We encourage architects, designers and construction companies to cooperate with us.

Our technology

Our technology merges locksmithing with art smithing. Some of our smithing products are manufactured by stamping, the rest – by manual forging. Several products are manufactured exclusively by art smithing. The aesthetic values of the surfaces and edges are additionally enhanced by ornamentation and patination with various colours and shades. To protect our products against corrosion we use hot-dip galvanizing. We use electrohydrodynamic or powder painting methods, depending on the product.

Our products are manufactured with appropriate technology – we do not use low quality materials or components. We have invented our own techniques for fixing and adjusting hinges, bolts, doorplates and door handles.

DAKEL PPU in numbers


Over 30 years on the market


We provide our services in all EU countries


We have made more than 2000 orders